PSP Southampton Boat Show 2011

PSP Southampton Boat Parade. Image Credit: PSP Southampton Boat Show.

Pack your bags for one of the biggest boat shows in UK every summer: the PSP Southampton Boat Show. From September 16 to September 25, this boat show will take you to memorable sights and exciting experiences. This year’s PSP Southampton Boat Show will be even larger and more momentous than the previous one, so make sure you don’t miss it!

The Boat Parade

With several activities to engage in, every pound you spend on your ticket will be well worth the price. The Boat Parade is sure to be a stunner—with modern and vintage boats cruising the marina as often as three times a day. Make sure you’re on the best spots for viewing these super boats, such as at the Mariners Restaurant, the Solent Park, or the outer reaches of the marina.

Boat Clinics

If you’re a self-confessed boating amateur, or you really just want to understand boating better, then head on to the boat clinics. You’ll get the best advice from experts themselves, including safety at sea (organized by The Royal National Lifeboat Institution), top tips for racing sailors (Jim Saltonstall), kayak fishing (Andy Benham), and hybrid propulsion (Hybrid Marine).

Boating Activities

Taking your family with you is a fantastic idea!  They can get out on the water, and feel the same thrill you do whenever you’re on the sea. There’s a Try-a-Boat attraction and a Get Afloat activity that will allow your children to get on a boat, complete with safety equipment. You can also take your loved ones to luxury boat rides or perhaps walk the marina for a romantic date.

Other Attractions and Exciting Promotions

The attractions of this year’s PSP Southampton Boat Show are aplenty. There’s also the Sea Kitchen Theatre, the Team Racing event, and the Ladies Day. Just when you think you’ve run out of things to do in the boat show, you’ll be surprised that something even more exciting comes along.

You can even win free tickets to the show. All you have to do is fill the competition entry form. By signing up, you have the exciting chance of winning one of five pairs of standard adult entry tickets for the show. The winners will be drawn on September 8, so it’s best to register ahead of everybody else!

Getting to the event is quite easy: you can take the bus, the coach, or the train. If you’re taking the ferry or the plane, there are instructions in their website that are quite easy to follow. You can also book your tickets online.

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