Transatlantic Race 2011

Transatlantic Sailing. Image Credit: Transatlantic Race 2011.

Here’s one open racing event that will get you hooked: the Transatlantic Race 2011. From June 26 through July 3, an impressive fleet of yachts will set sail from Newport Harbor, US to Lizard Point in South Cornwall, UK. The 2,975-mile race is bound to make history as one of the largest open racing events that will span continents. Highly reminiscent of historic conquests, there’s simply never been a race as big as the Transatlantic Race 2011.

An Exciting Lineup of Competing Yachts

The race wouldn’t be half as interesting without an impressive array of yachts competing against each other. Frontrunners include the ’94 Sumurun and the 289’ Perini Navi clipper sailing yacht Maltese Falcon. There are three separate starts of the race (June 26, June 29, and July 3), with the Sumurun in the first start.

The Transatlantic Race appeals even to the younger generation, who according to a recent survey, are not that interested in sailing among other water activities. As a matter of fact, there are two groups that are included in the fleet of 30 competing yachts: the Merchant Marine Academy’s (USMMA) IRC 65 Vanquish comprising the Oakcliff All American Offshore Team and the Andrews 56 Norddeutsche Vermögen Hamburg flanked by a German team organized by Hamburgischer. The German team has expressed their excitement in the forthcoming long distance racing event of the year.

With competitors from the US, UK, Germany, and China, the Transatlantic Race is easily one of the most exciting world racing events every sailing fan must not miss. Pick your favorite now in the finalized entry of yachts.

What’s in Store

The Transatlantic Race 2011 is a concerted effort of the New York Yacht Club and the Royal Yacht Squadron, along with the Royal Ocean Racing Club and the Storm Trysail Club. Whoever wins the race will set a racing record to be recognized by the World Speed Sailing Council.

The Transatlantic Race is part of a bigger racing series, the Atlantic Ocean Racing Series (AORS). By completing the race, a team can qualify for victory in the entire series. By November 2011, seven races in the AORS will have been completed and the awards will be presented in the New York Yacht Club’s Annual Awards Dinner.

Big races like the Transatlantic Race require the best equipment to ensure the optimal performance of the yacht. Eris Propellers can help superyachts, or any yacht for that matter, in preparing for racing events or long distance seafaring.

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