Bring your Family to the Beale Park Boat Show 2011

Beale Park Boat Show. Image Credit: Beale Park Boat Show.

Planning to finally let your family in on your boating hobby? The next big boat show in UK might be exactly what you need: take your wife and kids to the Beale Park  Boat Show 2011. Located in Berkshire, England by the River Thames, the park is teeming with vibrant and youthful energy—a perfect opportunity to introduce your family to the beauty of boating. The show will take place at June 10 to 12, so you have plenty of time to prepare.

Fun Activities for the Family

Have you always had nagging questions about boating? Want to let your family know all about propeller safety? One of the highlights of this boat show is its Talks and Demonstrations—a series of demonstrations by boating companies, enthusiasts, and groups.

You can also see the beauty of Beale Park for yourself—with free boat trips in the Thames River. Make sure you book in advance though, as the free boat cruise is subject to availability. There are also free test drives offered in the seven acre lakes—whether you want to buy a new boat for yourself or simply want your young chap to try one of those kid-friendly boats.

And if you’re looking for something else to do other than adoring all the amazing boats on display, check out the concerts or food demonstrations scheduled during the weekend.

Chic and Inexpensive Lodging

For lodging, you can either camp in Beale Park or take your pick among the many inexpensive hotels in the area. Places like the Copthorne Hotel and the Weir View House Hotel will not only provide you with an excellent view of the countryside but also first-class services. Should you decide to be adventurous and go camping, Beale Park will be more than willing to provide you with fire equipment and access to its facilities.

You can also reserve spaces for mooring along the mile-long riverbank of Beale Park, for a small price of £10. You can buy your tickets on the gate or purchase them in advance. There are package ticket deals for families, as well as individual tickets ranging from £2 for kids to £8 for adults. Beale Park is located at Lower Basildon, 6 miles from Reading.

Eris Propellers is all for letting everybody know how fun and exciting boating is. If you want your family to understand what the hype about boating, take them to the Beale Park  Boat Show 2011!

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