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IBEX 2010, September 28-30

The International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference was launched in 1992 by the magazine ‘Professional Boatbuilder’ and most commonly goes by the shorthand name ‘IBEX’. This event is targeted at professionals involved in the boatbuilding industry and is therefore not open … Continue reading

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How To Choose A Propeller For Your Yacht

There are so many options when it comes to yacht propellers that the choices and variations available can be overwhelming, particularly to beginners. The confusion comes in the ‘balancing up’ of different factors, for example, drag versus usefulness of the … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Screw Propellers

You’d think the question, “Who Invented the Screw Propeller?” would have an easy answer. We know who invented the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell), the steam train (Richard Trevithick) and the pop-up toaster (Charles Strite); why not the ship propeller? Well, … Continue reading

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Genoa International Boat Show

The Genoa International Boat Show has been going strong since 1962. The first show occupied only 30,000 square meters and catered to a small, select audience. These days, it’s one of the largest shows around and covers 100,000 square meters … Continue reading

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